Shopkins Season 3 coloring pages

Free Printable Shopkins Season 3 High Quality PDF Coloring Pages.

Shopkins Season 3 coloring pages. In Season Three, you'll find exciting playsets like Shoe Dazzle, Fashion Spree Boutique, Scoops Ice Cream Truck, and the Make Up Spot. Plus, we're thrilled to introduce three new teams: International Foods, Stationery, and Hats. The most sought-after Shopkins of this season are the Choc Frosted Shopkins, which have a delicious frosted look in either milk chocolate or white chocolate. For a touch of elegance, check out the Polished Pearl Stationery Shopkins, they have a beautiful pearlized finish. And don't miss out on the Limited Edition Cool Jewels, they're shiny and glamorous, just like real jewelry.

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