Kankuro coloring pages

Free Printable Kankuro High Quality PDF Coloring Pages.

Kankuro is the middle of the three siblings. For the first half of the series, he is frequently at odds with Gaara, though he tends to hold his tongue for fear of being killed. In Part II, once Gaara begins to reveal his dreams and motivations to Kankuro, Kankuro becomes very protective of Gaara; he lashes out at anyone who speaks poorly of Gaara and when Gaara is kidnapped, he readily risks his life to save him. Kankuro is a talented puppeteer, normally using his bladed attack puppet Crow and trapping puppet Black Ant in combination attacks. He also possesses the large puppet Salamander that provides him with combination defense and offense. After his puppets were destroyed by their creator, Kankuro gains a new puppet in Sasori’s lifeless body Scorpion and modifies it for his use as a normal puppet.

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