Sumire Kakei coloring pages

Free Printable Sumire Kakei High Quality PDF Coloring Pages.

Sumire Kakei is a class representative during Boruto’s time in the Hidden Leaf’s Academy, and is close friends with Sarada and Chocho. Sumire inherited a curse mark devised by her father, a former Foundation member named Tanuki Shigaraki, that allows her to summon an artificial creature called Nue. In the first arc of the anime, orphaned as a result of the former Foundation members being ostracized, Sumire wished to continue her father’s work in taking revenge on the Hidden Leaf, but Boruto convinces her to let go of her past and find her own path. Sumire later graduates to a genin and becomes a member of an all-kunoichi team, later gaining a place in the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team.

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